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When The Sheikh Speaks about GMOs and Personal Finance-Part One

Assalamu alaikum warahmathullahi wabarakathu, Bismillahirrahmaanirraheem, This is the topic which I was planning to write for a very, very long time and was looking for the most authentic way to present the facts and my view on them. While I was postponing this to eternity thinking of the amount of time I have to spend looking for the information, I was pleasantly surprised when I was listening to the 10th Hadith as a part of the series of lectures on the Essentials Series by Muhammad Tim Humble. I have just tried to put together my interpretation of what I learnt from these lectures. Any error from this post is solely out of my own fault and may Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala forgive me for my shortcomings. The reason why I felt the compelling need to write this post is because at times it is very disheartening to see some of us buying rumors and baseless forwards and form judgement based on emotions. My recent encounter was with a friend who forwarded a message which has bee

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